What Great Things Can Children Learn by Imitating the Elders?

Children are often the reflection of their parents. When the kids are staying in a joint family, you will never know which elder the child is following closely and will slowly become like. When children are in a growing phase, they wish to imitate the elders in order to become like them and this is their natural development.

It is the duty of the parents and the other elders to let them imitate something that is good for them so that they are great individuals when they grow up.

Here are some of the most common habits that elders should practice in order to make their children imitate and learn.

Being Punctual

Punctuality is something that is a problem in many individuals. Going to bed late, getting up late and then rushing for things are some of the most common problems noticed in almost every house. If you can improve upon your time management, your kids will also learn since childhood the skill and will be a great time manager ahead.

Communication Skills

You may get embarrassed quite often when your kid may say something wrong to an outsider. But have you noticed that the kids have picked up this habit from home itself? When you shout on your elders, lie, or even abuse in front of the kids, they closely notice and then they do the same thing in public or in front of others. It can become difficult to correct them once when they have learned such bad habits. Hence, it is better to stay alert when your kids are around and behave properly.

Social Behavior

It is quite obvious that you will be relaxed at home and will not care about anything else going on outside. But when you have kids around, you should make sure that you have kept your social behavior proper such as maintaining hygiene, greeting people well, eating in the right way, helping the needful, and others.

Being Responsible

Responsibility does not come in one day. Kids see their elders and slowly learn how to take care of things and how to be responsible. The responsibility can be about money matters, household activities, outside activities, family, and many more. When you are responsibly managing things, your kids will see you and will try to imitate the same in order to become as perfect as you are. This will surely do great work in making them responsible in the long run.

Children learn more at home than at school. They observe everything around them and grasp things really fast. You cannot change things going on outside but you can surely be concise at home to keep a check what your kids are learning by imitating you.

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