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Changing Face of Earth – Ways in which you can Teach your Children About it

Who are the true owners of Earth? These little nuggets that run around your home are the ones in whom the future of earth lies. Showing them how beautiful our motherland is, we also shall expose them to the harsh realities of life.

Earth is changing, it is getting old day by day. And it’s high time we protect it from getting aged and fading away slowly. A national poll was conducted and it was found that 8 out of every 10 teachers and parents are teaching children about climate change of our planet.

It gives a hope to know that our children will inherit the world from us which is store house of wondrous things and adventures. Every day I see my little ones becoming more generous, caring, smarter than will I ever will be.  But sometimes it also makes me sad to think that, just like our generation and every generation before us, our children when fully grown, they will have to deal with social and environmental problems that they had no part in causing.

Climate change is of great concern for parents and children all over the world. Talk to your kids about climate change without making them think the world is destined, I would like to share with you these great ideas for having a ‘climate-conversation’ with your little ones:

Clue 1: Take them close to nature

Unless and until children have a deep insight into nature, they won’t connect with what you are talking about. Let them dive into oceans and climb those snow-cap mountains to make friends with nature. When they will feel how adventurous and magical nature is, they will automatically draw out plans to save it. Show them the true wonders of this huge beautiful ball.

save planet

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Clue 2:

Inculcate eco-friendly habits in them – Children always need to hear positive facts about the world around them, like it is not all dull and gloomy. Explain to children how we can together cut down on the waste that contributes to climate change right from home.  There are lots of other great environmentally friendly practices to cut down on waste and pollution, and you can teach your children to be the ones to set the example for others as well.

save planet

Clue 3:

Games and Activities are the best way to teach them – Pick up some fun science and other activities to teach them the ways of protecting mother nature. There are many games and activities for children to learn about climate change. Learning to save the environment is a great way for them to encourage their love for the environment. It will also proactively engage them so they can realize the change that we all want to see in the world. Let your kids take a leading role in helping your family be Eco-friendlier, as it will help them develop good habits of leadership, a clean environment, and sustainable life.

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Clue 4:

Thumb Rule – 3 R’s – It is the correct time to teach your nuggets about the three R’s of the environment: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Also, practice what you address: try to not to buy things you don’t need or items that come in wasteful packaging like in plastic wrappers, etc. that cannot be recycled. Reuse and recycle whatever everything you can like reusing wastewater, recycling paper, and the list go on. This way they can learn how important it is to save our environment for a greener tomorrow.

save planet

Let’s contribute our part. As we won’t like ourselves, animals and plants choke down to death surrounded by plastic, pollutants, no water and watching the horrific condition of Earth.

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