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5 Homemade Medicines to Relieve Stomach Pain in Babies

Never ever neglect your child’s abdominal pain. It can be very serious and initiates stomach flu, constipation and food poisoning. There are many reasons which cause stomach pain in kids like eating outside food or not washing hands before and after eating.

This calls away for medical attention for kids and treats them in the right way. What will you do when your child is in pain at night and you can’t reach for medical help? Let’s lookout for some easy homemade remedies to relieve your child of severe stomach ache:

Here are 5 Homemade Remedies to Relieve Stomach Pain

Cut or Mash the Bananas


Bananas are inexpensive and yummy. Kids lick away mashed bananas instantly. Rich in carbohydrates, bananas not only give energy but if eaten in appropriate quantity, can relieve stomach aches too. Easily digestible, bananas contain pectin which regulates the firm bowel movement in the most natural way.

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Good Quality Honey


Mix a spoon of good quality of honey in lukewarm water and give it to your child. Being a member of carbs club, honey is a natural anti-oxidant which also contains sugar. These all make it the best pick for soothing down the abdominal pain in babies.

Organic Plain Yoghurt


The best of all dairy products. Milk and other products are believed to have caused stomach irritation, but yoghurt is certainly an exception. Why so? Yoghurt contains bacterial properties that are healthy and effective in treating the upset stomach. Giving a bowl full of yoghurt will ease down your baby’s pain instantly and aids their body in digestion as well.

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 Hing and Ghee application

Ghee application

This is the best combination you can go for when your toddler refuses to consume anything. Mix 1 tablespoon of Hing and 1 tablespoon of Ghee together. Heat the mixture till it gets lukewarm. Now, simply dip your fingers in it and apply it on the stomach of your kid. This remedy is an age-old method to relieve babies and adults of severe stomach aches.

A small cup of White Rice

White Rice

White rice is light on the digestive systems and absorbs all the fluids, adding bulk to the stools of your baby. A small cup of cooked white rice will turn out to be the most effective remedy you can opt for.

Bonus Tip: After you have treated it correctly, make sure you keep your baby hydrated and massage his/her stomach for soothing down the stomach sickness.


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