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Handbook of Quotes to Inspire You Throughout the Day

Are you feeling hard to get through the day?

Look on the Bright Side of Life!

You know what keeps me going throughout the day. This amazing read by Joss Whedon “Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, Sauté it, whatever. MAKE”. Quotations hold important value in our life. The book of inspiration and motivation that we can open again and again.


Where lies all our fears, our sorrows, our inspiration and most importantly our way to cross and jump high-above all the barricades of life. Imagine how life would be with shortcuts at every turn? Boring, dull and mundane! I believe truly that there’s no shortcut ever to success. Let’s talk about a child! He stands, then falls, repeating it millions of times, but the child never gives up? And someday you cry happily seeing him walk and run all across your home and playground.

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#successhasnoshortcuts pen it down every day and see the positive changes in your life as I did.

Trip to some Remarkable and Prodigious quotes you must read aloud every morning to yourself


It is scientifically proven that whatever we say to ourselves in the morning is absorbed by our skin, gets embedded in our brain and our soul understands it astonishingly. “Today is going to be the greatest and most beautiful day of my life”. I assure you, it will help to face all the odds and evens your day has planned for you.


Don’t we all love it when its weekend and get lazy on Mondays? Ahh! This Monday is a painful sin, isn’t it? A blink of an eye and its Monday! Ella Woodward has something to say, when life gives you a new day, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day. A cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one hand and determination to learn something new, complete pending tasks or give a kick start to our dreams, in the hand.

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Live your day as if it’s going to be your last one!


The best signpost placed near the entry gate of a café. It seriously lured me to go inside and enjoy myself. Like why not? They are encouraging me to do something, I thought of quitting yesterday! Then and there, I decided to say this to myself every day and surprisingly I feel like quitting no more. Be it running behind my kids or doing household chores to writing my heart out, I am excited and joyous to do it all by myself.

Just a small amount of encouragement can do wonders to a human’s soul. Keep encouraging, loving and supporting! Start by doing it for yourself.

We all love something extra, isn’t it? So, I will share my all-time personal favourite awe-inspiring quotation. Read it with all your heart and tell us how did you feel!


Some personalities I always admire to be like. I was seriously that kind of person who used to keep on complaining about the shortage of time. But no! reading H. Jackson Brown Jr., changed my perspective of life. It’s not the number of hours that count but what you do to make them valued.

“He who has wasted hours of life has still not known the value of life”

Share your favorite quotes that help you live throughout the day! ‘cause magic cannot be bounded, it can only be spread.

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