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Are You Following Unhealthy Parenting Styles?

Every parent wants to give their kids a childhood they don’t have to recover from. But parenting is a difficult task. For first time parents, it can be tough deciding what to do and what not to. Are you conversing with them as you should? Are you teaching your kid all the necessary things? There are many things you need to ask yourself to find out if your parenting style is up to the mark.

1. Are you respecting each other’s personal space?

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As important as it is for your children to respect their parent’s personal space, it is also important that you respect your child’s personal space. Don’t walk into their room unannounced or let them do the same. Teach them the importance of knocking and not looking into places where you have kept something important. Lead by example.

2. Are you praising them enough?

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If your kid feels excited or proud about something, remember to compliment them for it. Also, praise your kid for little achievements. Being strict with them is not a problem if you are equally nice as well.

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3. Do you criticize them all the time?

Bad Parenting

All parents want their kids to be perfect and for that, they criticize them consistently. It is true that criticism does help a person improve but a kid’s heart is very fragile. Sometimes they take criticism negatively and start thinking that no one appreciates them. If you scold your child often or are mad at them about small mistakes, then they will grow up with very low self-esteem.

4. Are you smothering them with love?

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While it is a common habit for parents to be overly-critical, smothering is also a common phenomenon. Some parents dote on their child and are over-protective. They want to be involved in everything their child does. But a kid can feel smothered with that. They want more independence and for them to spend some time away from their parents as well.

5. Are you paying enough attention?

Bad Parenting

The biggest problem with parenting today is that parents are so busy with their lives that they do not give their children enough attention. If you are in the same room as your child but are spending it using your phone or laptop instead of talking to them, they will feel ignored and upset. Even if you are tired or annoyed, try spending some quality time with your child.

Ask yourself all these questions and decide whether you are parenting right.

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