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Millennial Parents, Millennial Generation Years

The people who were born during the last two decades of the 20th century are referred to as the Millennial generation. It took a few years for the sociologists to settle on a name for the generations. For a period of time millennials were known as the Generation Y since they followed the Generation X.

The Born of Millennials

Born of Millennials

Millennials starting year can be anywhere between 1977 – 1981 and the ending year however can be almost identified between 1995-1996. So generally Millennials are born during the year 1981-1996.

If your parents are baby boomers i.e 1946-1964 then you are an older millennial but if your parents belong from the generation X i.e 1965-1976 the you are a younger millennial.

Characteristics of a Millennial generation:

It was fun for the sociologists and researchers to find the characteristics of a millennial. But they did not come empty handed, here are few characteristics of a millennial that are noticed by the researchers.

  • The Millennial generation is good at accepting the challenges. They have witnessed a drastic shift in the technology, economy and the business of the country throughout their life. They have experienced that things don’t stay for longer time they do change and this is the big lesson they have learned.
  • They have curiosity in knowing things. They will find out if there’s any other better way of doing certain things. To fulfill their curiosity they will take full advantage of all the facilities and tools that are available to be more effective. This quality of them makes them a valuable employee.
  • They value what teamwork is. They believe in working together as a team and enjoy the collaborative work environment. They are keen to seek out the viewpoints and inputs of others as well which is why they are a good team player and a leader.
  • They worship the feedback that they receive from everyone. Feedbacks are valuable for them especially in the workplace. They seek out criticism and mentorship and appreciate the feedback from their seniors as well as juniors.
  • They love to read. The millennials would rather visit a public library on a free day then meet a group of people.

It’s not like a fortune told while learning about what generation you belong to. It will not tell you your personality or reveal what talents you hold. But it makes you comfortable around the group of people with whom you can relate to similar experiences and lifestyles with the technology, education system and economy with some other aspects of life.

Remember that you are a part of a unique generation whatever your age is now. The people who come after you will thank you and the ones who have come before you will learn new things from you. Every step of it is going to make  you feel good and enjoy it bit by bit.

Millennial Parents

Millennial Parents

The parents that belong to the millennial generation want their children to learn creativity, flexibility and global outlook in schools according to a research done by the international school providers.

Millennial parents are valuing more on the soft skills and personal attitudes now rather  than proficiency in academics.

The Millennials that are aged around mid 20s and 40s now have grown up with a rapid change in their life be it technology or education.

Millennial Parents want the schools to help the children adapt their creative skills and life skills. And help them gain some social and emotional skills too so that they can manage any conflict.

Millennials are making a difference at home


The Millennial generation believes very much in family. They give their best while raising a healthy kid. All the parents work differently and take steps for their children accordingly. Some are broken, some are sinful and some are great at being wonderful parents. Each generation has taken up on their roles very nicely and show effort, hard work and a lot of prayer.

What do millennial parents expect from their child’s school?

The new parenting style of millennials has a big impact on the life of childrens and how they grow up with education. Schools were just a place where children got education decades ago but no school has much more to give and provide to the children.

Let’s see what Millennial parents want for their child’s education and school.

Variety in the Learning: They don’t want their child to be a bookworm and just learn and believe in what has been written in the books or theory dont want that they just learn from a screen. Millennial parents do know the importance of academic studies but with that they do want their child to learn something that is out of the syllabus and diverse the learning to help their children find out what are their passions and what they love to do and prefer studying.

 Results:  Just like a child of a parent a millennial also wants his child to have less grades. They also want their kids to acquire good marks but on their wish not by forcing them to study. The school should also prepare the kid to deal with the outer world with real problems.

Expectations: It is understandable that as a parent you will want the best for your child and have expectations. But keep expectations on the things they believe in and have faith in.

Millennial Generation Years

Millennial Generation Years

There are so many generations X, Y, Z and A but what separates them from each other. Also hello to the Gen Z and Gen A generation welcome to the world. It sucks but it is worth it.

How old is each generation? Let’s check out the breakdown of each generation.

  • Baby Boomers: Baby Boomers are born between 1946 and 1964. Currently they are between the age group of  57-75 years old.
  • Gen X: Born between the year 1965- 1980 and are between the age of 57-75years.
  • Gen Y: They are also known as the Millennial generation who are born between 1981 to 1996. Currently they are in the age group of 25 and 40 years.

Gen Y.1 are in the age group of 25-29 years and Gen Y.2 are in the age group of 29-39

  • Gen Z: The newest member of the generation born in the year 1997-2021. They are currently between the age of 9 and 24 years.
  • Gen A: The latest ones, the generation alpha of the children born in 2012 and till 2025.

Millennial generation years are quite interesting and a big topic to discuss. If you open up the ancient chapters you will get to know some interesting facts about the generations of that era and the assumptions of the current generation.

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