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Are Pets Child Friendly – Know It Here About Pets And Children

Pets add lots of fun to a family if they are ready to take the responsibilities that come with them. Pets are someone who can help teach your child values and social skills. The relationship between people and pets is mostly positive.

Cats, Dogs, and other pets can be a wonderful addition to your family. They can be your fuzzy friend who provides love and companionship for years. But unfortunately, the most loved pet can also bite. For good reason, children love their pets. These small or large creatures teach delight and offer a special kind of companionship.

While bringing a pet into your home there are important health and safety considerations that you need to remember. Both your children and pet will be happier and healthier if they understand and follow the rules that we tell them. It is important to understand the realities of having a pet and take time to prepare yourself for it.

Positive Relationships With Pets

Positive Relationships With Pets

  • Ask your child to sit away from the animal when you are introducing them to an animal and invite the animal to come to the child.
  • Encourage your child to interact with your family pet with fun activities that include entertainment for both of them like hiding treats in a room for a dog and letting the dog sniff out and find or play with them.
  • Ask your children to identify the personality of your pet like what he likes and dislikes. Like humans pets also have their favorite things. The nature of some pets is cuddly while some are independent. Some are active and some are relaxed. Let your child find the unique character of your pet.

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The First Good Pet For Your Child

First Good Pet

Having a pet can be a rewarding experience for your child. A pet that is well-chosen can bring years of joy to your family and will keep you all happy.

Ownership of a pet can also be a chance for your kid to learn some valuable life lessons as they start caring for a living creature. Your pet can teach responsibility and dependability to your children with adult guidance. Pets also give affection in return for a child’s loving gesture and attention.

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Let’s See What Can You Have As A Pet For Your Child.

Fish : Fish as a pet can be a perfect starter pet for a child. But remember not just any fish will do. People find Goldfish as an easy and obvious choice but they are actually more difficult to raise than a Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish). The Southeast Asian native fish are adapted to survive in isolation and a surprisingly small amount of stagnant water. For them, you may not even need filters, heaters, aerators, or chemicals.

Betta fish thrive best in small aquariums with at least two gallons of water which we regularly change and kept between 24 and 28°C. Make sure to buy a fish from a store where someone can advise you on how you can take care of them.

Birds : Birds can be considered excellent pets. But owning a bird can be more demanding than caring for a fish or tortoise. Some birds are highly intelligent while some are very social. All the birds require attention on a daily basis.

The inexpensive parakeet bird can be a good starter for kids who haven’t raised any kind of bird before. More expensive and intelligent birds like cockatoos and cockatiels are also great pets but they will require more attention than canaries or parakeets.

Cats : Who doesn’t like kittens, they are childhood favorites. NOtoriously independent cats need less care and attention than dogs but they want more commitments. Cats require regular veterinary checkups and immunizations just like a dog. It is very important to choose a cat that is suitable to be around your kid and make them comfortable as well. If your family has a small or limited space then a cat may be a better choice than a dog.

Dogs : The most classic children’s pet is a cuddly puppy. Choosing the ideal do involves more than falling for those big brown eyes HAHAHAHA. Remember that some dogs can be unsuitable for children so before adopting a dog ensure that the dog is well-socialized and is comfortable with your kid.

Every breed of dog will need a significant commitment of effort and time. Puppies require daily exercise, regular veterinary checkups, and immunizations with plenty of love and must be housebroken. Every dog is different with different nature but kid-friendly breed includes as below:

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  • Beagles
  • Golden retrievers
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Boxers

Choose Your Puppy And Make Your Kid Happy


Rabbits : As long as there is adult supervision you can consider this popular small pet for your kid. Like guinea pigs, rabbits are a very good option for younger kids because they have sociable and gentle nature. It is advisable that the rabbit should be spayed or neutered to prevent any aggression. It is important especially if you want to keep more than one rabbit in the same space. The life of a rabbit is around 8 to 12 years. For better health and happiness, a proper diet is important for rabbits, like grass hay, vegetables, and rabbit pellets.

Helps In Developing Non-Verbal Communication

Animals are very good at learning and understanding some human words. They also intuitively pick up on the nonverbal cues we as humans give. It is advisable that you don’t argue in front of your pet that will leave a disturbing memory in their mind seeing their loved ones fight. This is not because of your words but because of your actions.

The nonverbal accompaniments to a disagreement like your facial expression and body stances are automatically considered and understood as fearful and threatening which upsets the animal.

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Benefits Of A Pet

Benefits, there are so many that pets can provide to your kid. It is easy for a kid to have an idea of owning a new pet but it is totally to their parents to make sure that the experience of their kid with a pet is a positive one and that the pet also receives the care they need and which they deserve for their entire lives.

Parents who have experience in keeping a pet or even who are first-time pet owners know that there is a lot of patience required, time and effort are also involved and the kid just thinks about all the good and fun benefits of having a pet. It’s well worth it when you know that sharing your home and unconditional love to a pet will give happiness to you, your family, your kid, and the pet as well.

Let’s See The Benefits Of Owning A Pet


Teaches responsibility : Walking your dog or cleaning the rabbit’s hutch are tasks that teach the kid to be responsible which also gives them a sense of achievement when they do it correctly. Taking care and looking after the pet helps the children to develop empathy for others.

Helps with learning : Pets can be a great source of learning for a kid. In many schools, educators use animals as a form of therapy to help developmentally challenged kids learn. It is considered that animals help children’s reading skills and research has shown that students can be reluctant to read out loud at school and to read for an animal will build confidence in them as they see them as someone who is non-judgemental.

Comfort and companionship : Pets offer a comfort and companionship zone to the kids. No matter in what mood the children are they will find support and security in the company of their pet which often means that they are less anxious.

Keeps families talking: Pets help in building bonds between families as they often are the focus of family activities. From grooming and walking to dog together to feeding the pet, these small and simple enjoyable tasks allow every member of the family to slow down and enjoy each other’s company and communication with one another.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle: Having a pet helps us to prompt a healthy lifestyle as taking care of them includes walking the dog or playing with them. It has a lot of physical activities that are included and they encourage us to be outside and run around with them and behind them. Like this, we develop healthy habits and lifestyles.

Reduce loneliness : Having a pet can help you ward off the feeling of loneliness and isolation and keep you away from depression. They cheer you up when you are feeling your lowest in their own way and make you smile no matter how bad your day was. So a pet can really make your day and reduce the loneliness you carry.

Pets are fun : Having a pet is fun be it a cat, dog, rabbit, or bird but owning a pet brings enjoyment to the household.

When You Have A Pet In Your Home Follow This:

Pet In Your Home

  • Teach your kid to treat the pet with respect and gently.
  • Never leave your child alone with the pet at home as accidents can happen if the kid tries to tease the pet or touch them in an uncertain way which makes them uncomfortable.
  • To teach your child to learn a sense of responsibility involves them in the care of your pet.
  • Have a space for your pet that is quiet and comfortable for them to go.
  • Don’t let the pet sleep with your kid.
  • Don’t let the pet roam alone in the room of a baby.
  • Don’t allow your pet to lick the face of your child or any scratches or cuts they have.
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Shalini Jatav
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