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Most Popular Tips To Conceive Right

One of the most awaited moments in the life of a woman is the time when she gets to hear that she is pregnant. While few women tend to conceive easily there are few who struggle to hear the good news. In the latter case it is important that women know the actual facts that help in conceiving. Here we are with few tips that can help women to conceive right.

 Track frequency of menstrual cycle


As a girl it is important that you keep a track of your periods. While some girls usually have periods regularly after a definite period of days there are many who experience irregular periods. Keeping a note of the same helps you to conceive quickly. The thing is that by keeping a track of your periods, you can easily predict the time when you are ovulating. It is during this time that the ovaries tend to release an egg which remains fertile for merely 12 to 24 hours after the release. Contrarily, the sperm of a man can survive in your body for up to five days implying that chances of conceiving increases.

Monitoring  ovulation

Those of us who have regular cycles tend to ovulate nearly two weeks prior to the arrival of periods but in case you have an irregular menstrual cycle predicting this is difficult though it usually happens 12 to 16 days before the next period starts. If you monitor ovulation you can easily determine the days of the month that are fertile.to do so you can also make use of home ovulation-prediction kits. Another way of tracking this by tracking the cervical mucus, the amount of mucus increases and gets thinner during the days when you are fertile.

Increase the frequency of sex during fertile days

pregnancy sex

Once you have figured the above given things, it becomes easy for you to determine our fertility window. During this time, it is suggested that you must indulge in sex quite often. It is during this time period that the chances of conceiving are quite high and you are sure to get the favorable outcome. So, do not miss having sex during this fertility period of the month.

To wrap up, using these tips you will be able to conceive quickly. It is however very important to pay attention towards each of the above mentioned things. A little smartness on your end can help you get the good news quickly.

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