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Drawing Yourself Away from Unhealthy and Unmeaningful Friendships

Changes are inevitable and understanding that is very important. Stressing over it is futile and worthless. People change and that okay, everyone does, someday we would too.

Stop Suffering and Start Living! This is what I preach and practice. I have been through many toxic relations in my life. For me, friendships are a pure and natural form of love. Dragging one down, digging a pit for a friend, back-bitching, commenting, judging and the list goes on; is what an unhealthy friendship comprises of. I understood it sooner and then and there I moved away from unwanted people in my life. It was very hard and hit me deeply, as for once I felt alone and betrayed. I blamed myself for everything but eventually with the help of family members and ‘gem of friends’, I was able to bid goodbye to unmeaningful people in my life.

Ask yourself are you ready to face the truth and just wave goodbye to toxic friends?

Then, let’s first start by identifying unmeaningful friendships:


You may find yourself feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with a friend’s behavior more often. This is the result indicating you to be in a toxic friendship. Some obvious signs of an unhealthy relationship are:

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1. They have crossed a major boundary of disrespecting without any apologies

like once my friend made fun of me intentionally, on how I looked like and what I wearing, in front of everyone present in the party. She has never apologized even after everyone telling her how wrong she was.

2. They don’t communicate that something is wrong, instead, start making passive-aggressive and abusive comments about you.

Just like, one of my closest friends immediately stopped talking to me and started ignoring me. Even after my continuous questions of what has happened, he never replied. One day I came to know about it from another friend what the issue was and how is he degrading my name among our common friends.

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3.Jealousy over your other friendships or you excelling in your studies, business or other ventures.

4. They back-bitch about you in front of other people.

5. According to them, you don’t do anything right.

How Untie The Knots Of Unmeaningful Friendships?

You can choose to follow out anyone from these simple steps and protect yourself from these hollow friendships and insignificant people:

Step 1. Talk to Your Friend


  • Take time and think about the situation deeply.
  • Speak to them privately and talk your heart out, regarding how you feel and want to end the friendship.
  • Take some space and give yourself some time to heal.
  • Make sure you are always polite whenever you see your friend somewhere. Try being polite and happy.

Step 2. Distance Yourself from Unhealthy Friendships

  • Limit spending time with them and set some boundaries to make sure you stay away from them as much as possible.
  • Whenever they invite you somewhere make excuses and avoid them for a long time which will signal them that you are avoiding them.
  • If you are unable to talk to them in person, try writing out a message full of your emotions, expressing how you feel about them and their changed behaviour.
  • Never back-bitch about them to anyone and try finding out new positive friend’s circle.

Step 3. Cutting off your Insignificant Friend


  • End all the ways of communication and let him/her know that they are wrong and hurting you.
  • Unfriend them from social media accounts.
  • It may be difficult but know that it is the right thing you are doing.
  • Always take advice from your elders.
Dr. S.K. Jain
Dr. S.K. Jain
Dr. S. K. Jain,is a Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon with 20 years of expertise in the field of orthopaedic Surgeon. He has worked and got his training at various prestigious institutes in India and abroad.. Read More..

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