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10 Summer Activities For Kids To Keep Their Brain Active This Summer

You need to get a little creative this summer to keep your kid happy and involved. Here we are with some fun summer activities for kids that will make them go brainstorming.

Here are top 10 fun summer activities for kids

1. Explain the purpose

Activities For Kids

One of the best summer activities to do with your kids is to take them out on a picnic. Once you have settled for lunch, you take out all the spoons, knives, forks etc and display these in front of your kids. You can also add other items if you like. Now you can give your kid some time to figure out which thing is used for which purpose and then ask them to explain.

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2. Rhyming Game

You can give your kids a word and then allow them to brainstorm for some time and come out with a productive answer. The kids are supposed to use this word and find other words that rhyme with it and compose a sort of poem. Children love to do such things.

3. Talking Timebomb

Another popular summer activity for kids is the Talking Timebomb. In this game you need to utter a word and then the kids are supposed to come up with the related words and no word is allowed to be used twice. This is great activity to improve your kid’s vocabulary.

4. Forming Compound Words

Activities For Kids

One of the most popular summer games include the compound word game. In this activity, you simply need to distribute the pieces of paper containing words on it. Each word has a pair but the piece of paper containing the whole compound word is with two people. Kids are supposed to figure out the compound words by interacting with one another.

5.The Pushy Salesperson

In this game, you give the kid a piece of article like pencil and he has to make a persuasive speech for others in the class to buy it.

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6. Shiritori

Shiritori is one of the famous games played across the globe. At different places this game might be known by different names. In this game each kid has to say a word that begins with the last alphabet of the previous word. The game goes on till the kids get tired or they get stuck at some alphabet.

7. Role Playing

Activities For Kids

In his activity you have to play a video like that of some favorite cartoon character of your kid. You can then mute the video and ask your kid to narrate the dialogues that suits the situation. It is type of role playing but kids are supposed to stick to the relevance of the video.

8. Who said what?

Here kids are supposed to write on a piece of paper their likes and dislikes and put it in a bowl. The teacher then one by one opens the chits read out aloud what’s written on it and other students have to guess the name of the kid who might have written this.

9. Famous Foreheads

Here, you handover the kid a chit of paper that contains the name of the famous personality. Students then go around in the class interacting with others and asking yes or no questions to figure out who they are.

10. Dearest Object

In this you simply ask a student to display one of the objects that is dear to him and explain in details the features and importance of that object in his life.

Overall, these are few popular summer games that not only keep the kids busy but at the same time also keep their brains active.

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Dr. S.K. Jain
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