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First Aid For Common Injuries Of Kids

Kids are prone to injuries since they are out exploring, running around and playing. Parents must know basic first aid for some common injuries so instead of panicking, they can take care of the child.

1. Cuts and Scrapes

cuts and scrapes

Cuts and scrapes can happen anytime so the first thing you must do is to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the area. Put some antiseptic in warm water and clean the area to sanitize it and then apply antiseptic cream before bandaging it. Bandage it loosely. Ensure that you change the bandages regularly till the wound heals.

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2. Burns


Since children do not know what is good for them, young kids might burn their hands. The first thing you must do is run the round under cold running water. Do not think of applying ice or any greasy substance. Instead of helping, it slows the healing process. After running it through water, if the pain is still too much, consult a doctor.

3. Bleeding Nose

 Nose bleeding

Firstly, make your child sit straight and pinch his nose bridge softly with a tissue. Do not ask them to put their head back since then the blood will go into their throat and the kid might vomit. Let the kid be like that with the nose pinched for 5 minutes and then see if the bleeding has stopped. Ensure that your child does not pick his nose for the next 24 hours or even blow it.

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4. Heat Stroke

heat stroke

Playing in harsh heat all day can cause a heat stroke. Your immediate response should be to lower his body temperature. If at home, make your child take a cold bath. Otherwise, find some cold water and apply it to his neck and armpits, even ice would do.

5.Bee Sting

bee sting

Scrap away the stinger by either a debit card, a metal object or your fingernails. If the stinger is out, your child will heal from the sting faster. The next thing is to put something cold on the area that is stung so the pain lessens. Use ice to numb the area. Later on, to avoid your child from having an allergic reaction, you can give him an anti-allergen.

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6. Choking

choking in kids

Instead of panicking yourself, you should be calming down your child and asking him to cough out the object lodged in his throat. If it does not work, immediately get behind your child. Wrap your arms around him so that your fists are under their navel and your thumbs are out. Exert pressure until the object gets out. Don’t try to put your finger inside your child’s throat to remove the object. It might make things worse and lodge it even more down.


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