Fears of Childbirth and things you must remember

Baby few minutes after the birth

Pregnancy can be a cause if celebration until the time of childbirth comes close. As the time passes and you get closer and closer to the due date, the jitters emerge. Some women feel quite strongly about labour pain and other associated fears of pregnancy. Childbirth phobia is also known as tokophobia. Not every woman faces these fears but it would be wrong to say that there is no anxiety at all.  Fear can often get overwhelming so here are some common fears and certain things that you must keep in mind:

1. Labour Pain

Most notable fear of pregnant women is the fear of labour pain. Many women believe they won’t be able to bear the pain. The scary stories from their friend and relatives of how labour pain is worse than having your bones broken could scare any woman. But there is something that women must keep in their mind when this fear of being unable to handle the pain takes over. The contractions and the pain come and go. Therefore by changing your breathing pattern, you can relieve yourself. This is why pregnancy yoga is important.

2. Pooping during childbirth

Pooping on the delivery table might feel like a stupid fear but it is there in the minds of the pregnant women since it can be quite embarrassing with the doctors and nurses present. Many women do pass stools during their labour. You should know that this is considered a good sign that you are pushing well. For avoiding such a scenario, you can always consult a doctor or plan your meals in a way that you do not overeat during the month of your due date.

3. Should you get a C-section?

Women are also afraid of undergoing C-section as they believe it will take them longer to recover that way. They also consider C-section to be more painful and a longer messier procedure. After a C-section, it does take some time for the pain to subside especially since you have stitches. But the rest time after delivery is the same after you do a C-section and after normal delivery. It will take you approximately 6 months to heal. Eating healthy can help in your recovery process.

4. Reaching hospital on time

What if you do not reach the hospital at time? What if you get stuck somewhere and have to deliver the baby in a car or at home? That doesn’t happen. Labour takes time and when even after your water breaks, it will be some time before the baby gets delivered. There is enough time for you to reach the hospital and if not, you can have a delivery at home by opting for a mid-wife.



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