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Learn About Your Teenagers World To Bond With Them

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they feel that they are unable to connect with their kid and that is the dreaded teenage years. With so many hormonal changes happening in a kid’s body, spending time with you turns out to be the last thing on their mind. Teenagers feel like the whole world is conspiring against them and you need to learn how to tackle that.

Agree That You Don’t Know Everything About Them

Your teen’s world is a whole lot different than yours. You need to accept this important fact and then understand your teen’s world. You may dread your teen’s rebellion and moodiness and questionable taste in friends but you need to accept them for all of their diverse moods. With all the emotional, physical and social changes your kid is going through, they don’t need over bearing parents who want to know everything that happens the minute they happen.

Be a Good Listener


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You need to listen to your teenager and listen actively. Listening actively means hearing their opinions and acknowledging them. In order to bond with them you need to start listening to their views of the world instead of teaching them how it should be. Let them learn from their own experiences. Once your teenage kid starts talking do not interrupt them, let them take the conversation where they want. This will give them a chance to unload what is on their mind and at the same time give you an insight in to their life.

Connect With Them On A Common Ground


Though your world and your teen’s worlds are miles apart but there is always some common ground you will find with your kid. It may be a movie or a band or even a game. Go to a game you enjoy and see how they transform again into their small kid again. In order to form a special bond, if you have a common interest it will help you accelerate the process. Teenagers start growing out of old habits and interests and in order for you to bond with them it is important that you let them grow and make their own choices.

Stop Pampering And Coddling Them

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There comes a time when you need to stop treating them like a 2 year old and the earlier the better. Not only unnecessary pampering makes them inefficient and dependent on you but also at the same time they start getting irritated of having a hovering parent all the time. It makes them feel suffocated.

You need to learn about your kid’s life but at the same time you also need to know where to draw a line so that your kid doesn’t start running away from you. Bonding with your teenage kid is a task but you can easily master this tough task if you just let them be but at the same time make sure that they do not cross the line.

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Amanda Smith
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