Are you an Over-Indulgent Parent?

Teach your kids that life is a process of continually growing and personal learnings. When children get unearned privileges by their parents, they develop a sense of dependency as well as you are spoiling their habits to a great extent. I understand, making them feel loved is important but also teaching them independence and self-reliance is equally significant.

Who is an Over-Indulgent Parent?

Who doesn’t want to see their children confident and empowered? We all want to see them happy and contented. Though, when you buy them more toys than they need, you do their homework, make excuses for their bad behaviour or pick up fights on their behalf, then you are teaching them that carelessness and mistakes have no consequences.

Experts have pointed out that our vital brain functions and relationship skillsets are built as we deal with joy, disappointment, boredom, adjustment and compromise with those we love.

Understand this process and allow your nuggets to go through and deal with all these experiences by mentoring them wherever they need.

Tips to overcome too much of Indulgence

I have never held my kids back from learning any new skillsets which I know my child will need to face challenges of life. Deep down we all know its consequences but how to overcome that? Follow these tips and let your children learn the importance of life and its challenges.

 Never ever tolerate their disrespectful behaviour

Decide today itself that you won’t tolerate the insensible behaviour of your kids anytime in life. As, when they grow up without any punishment for this then they become so emboldened that they don’t think twice before behaving the same way again.

Let them make small decisions for you too

When you are taking all the decisions for them and expect nothing in return then you are developing a habit of incapability of taking decisions in them. So, let them decide what you going to wear for a party, which can be cooked in dinner, how to perform a certain household task, etc.

Giving them things more than needed or not needed at all


When you give your kids toys, stationeries and other things more than needed or sometimes not needed at all, as a result, you end up spoiling their habits.

Unwanted rewards or things that are not age-appropriate

Car, bike, expensive gadgets and all, when given to them irrespective of their age and need, it just brings out a bad side of them. They are completely dependent on you for a lifetime and are unaware of the harsh realities of life. Also, rewarding them for every single step will spoil them immensely. There’s a boundary that shall be drawn between spoiling and rewarding.





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